Virtual graduation


Lauren Stallworth, Editor

The time has finally come for the Class of 2020 to graduate! Wednesday evening Cypress Creek hosted our virtual graduation, officially ending the year for graduates.

The ceremony featured a blend of staff and students in order to produce the best experience possible.

Opening up with a commencement speech was Superintendent Kurt Browning, followed by a Band Performance featuring students from all across Pasco County (including a few Coyotes). Additionally, the National Anthem and our Alma Mater were performed.

The ceremony then led to Assistant Principal Mrs. Ferry, who was able to introduce each speaker of the evening. Several familiar student faces were seen throughout the ceremony, including Class of 2020 President Brody Gommier, who took part in the ceremony by saying The Pledge of Allegiance, the Valedictorian Speech by Marco Svolinsky, and Salutatorian Speech by Mindy Do, who both encouraged our Seniors to press against the trials and tribulations of this time, and persevere in not allowing the Coronavirus to define them.

“We are the Class of 2020, not simply because we graduated in the year of, but because we are the class born from the ashes of our nation’s darkest hour. We are the class that was made to endure the hardships of a year meant to destroy our sense of accomplishment. We are the class of 2020 because of the lessons of overcoming obstacles and persevering against the odds is within our blood, and no matter where it is in the world, I know each and every one of us will go forth with the same determination and pride that has gotten us here today. “ – Marco Svolinsky, Valedictorian

“It is true that tonight isn’t everything we envisioned it to be… still, tonight is a celebration, a celebration of you. Tonight, we are recognizing all the struggles our class overcame in the last four years; not only in the classroom, but in the field, at home, and even in ourselves. Tonight, we are acknowledging the all-nighters, the mental and physical obstacles… this class is capable of handling everything that comes our way. “ – Mindy Do, Salutatorian

The evening’s Cypress Creek commencement speech from Principal Hetzler-Nettles featured a personalized song specific to the 2020 Graduates, written by our Coyote staff to the tune of “Truth Hurts” by Lizzo. It was clear that writing the song took a lot of work and dedication, and was a fun way to sum up the accomplishments and perseverance of the 2020 Class.

The ceremony honored the following graduates, in which the names were read by Mrs. Dallaire, Mr. Mahoney, Mrs. Padula, and Mrs. Smith:

Cairo Christian Abelard
Daleyna Faith Abril
Krystal Abigail Acevedo
JoVanni K. Addison
Erica Grace Adler
Armani Lee Alexander
Antonio Luis Alvarado
Alexis Elizabeth Aponte
James Lee Ernest Armstrong
Alyssa Lynn Aufrichtig
Benjamin Alexander Bates Jr
Tiesha A. Begin
Taneika Erica Bentley
Karlee Skye Blankenship
Raegan Cassandra Bourne
Gracie Renee Bradford
Sebastian Bramonte
Peyton McKenna Bray
Samantha Ann Breier
Keila Marie Brillon
Taylor Emi Brinson
Jade Ariel Browning
Camilo Burbano
Angel Measheal Burge
Edwin T. Calandro
Amy Lee Campbell
Kyle Lewis Cantwell
William Garrett Cardwell
Jackson David Carr
Lianthony Casado
Caleb Lucas Chambers
Amber Champagne
Aliyah Jamillah Clarke
Ruben Elijah Noel Clemente
Jaden Luis Colon
Nathan Joel Colon
Nikki Rose Confrey
Frances Marie Connolly
Jacob Ethan Connolly
Connor Dawson Coon
Riley Ann Copeland
Carter James Corrao
Anthony Alvin Cortes
Ricardo Cortes
Mia Angel Court
Megan Nicole Covington
John Force Creech
Casey Marie Cubitt
Heather Cummings
Mason Allen Curtiss
Fernando Diaz
Emma Caroline Dietsch
Channing Dircks
MindyL. Do
Ashley Nicole Donish
Katrina Marie Downing
Dakota Russell Eads
Robin Michelle Eberline
Shay’Quan Malik Elva
Javon Alexander Enzor
Abigail Ann Evans
Joseph Anthony Falcone
Megan Elizabeth Faysash
Clay William Fewox
Andrea Pantoja Figueroa
Ava Elizabeth Fillon
Mackenzie Ann Fisher
Olivia Anna Fisher
Logan Patrick Fitzgerald
Jordan Wynn Fleming
Shayla Mary Fleshman
MaryMargaret Flook
Dylan Christophe Florence
Kyle Hunter Florey
Michael Salvatore Frusci
Anthony Tyler Fuentes
Lindsay Frances Gannon
Luis Miguel Garcia
Ian Manuel Garcia Reyes
Jakayla Shaunee Garms-Rivers
Olivia Jane Gaskins
Raquelle Olivia Gerena
Damia Alexis Gilbert
Delcina Emelda Gillespie
Brody Gordon Gommier
Gunnar Keith Gooch
Tylee Green
Julianna Caitlynn Greenberg
Crismely Guzman
Conner James Hagen
Jaden Blaine Hammett
Jocelyn Tiana Hammett
Jackson Hardy
Kiera Hill
Adam Clayton Hines
Joshua G. Hishmeh
Thaddeus Brayden Holiday
Jailen A. Horton
Abbigail On-Yue Huynh
Tyrese Joey Jean Jacques
Colton Heath Jennette
Nathan Johnson
Tyler Dassel Johnston
Arron Joly
Meredith Ainsley Jones
Caelen Vincent Kepler
Jaylin Jade Kern
Youssef Bassem Shawky Khalil
Anthony L. Kline
Brandon Troy Klopfenstein
Kaleb Joshua Kolakoff
Bailey Logan Kowalski
Frederick Lamar Kuchler Jr
Callisa Pamela Kwiat
Shyanne April Lagundo
Carly Lorna Laurent
Kelvin Joel Lopez
Bradon Jayse Lueders
Sydney Anna Luginski
Hiep Gia Luu
Alexis Maldonado
Anna Sabrina Margetis
Luke M. Marler
Sydney Ann Martin
Noel Enrique Martinez-Pla
Yamillet Martinez Villa
Mackenzie Nicole McLendon
Fernando Williams Mendez Flores
Thomas James Metacarpa
Addison Charis Metcalf
Sophia Analise Mitchell
Weronika Mlynarczyk
Christian E. Morales
Iris Liliana Morales
Devin Alexander Morris
Samuel Jordan Munoz
Michael William Munroe
Abigail Mae Murphy
Jack William Muzik
Ashley Sarai Navarrete
Julie Phuoc Nguyen
Tram Ngoc Nguyen
Erick Nieves
Renata Nogaibayeva
Lance Henry Oakes
Isaac Morris Ontjes
Daniel Ortiz
Daniel Ossa
Xavier Amaury Pena
Sylvana Marie Pesola
Andre Ricardo Phillips
Elijah Sedrick Phillips
Jazmin Nicole Pineiro
Mark C. Pizzuto
Joseph Bernard Pollok
Hailey Marie Proffitt
Karol Nicole Quintana
Rebecca Ann Radcliff
Jordon Matthew Rader
Faith Ann Rivero
Luke Nathaniel Rizzo
Krista Lynn Robbins
Dayenis Rodriguez
Sarai Rodriguez
Brianna Marie Rojas
Sonia Enid Rosario
Joseph Jerry Rossman
Manuel E. Ruiz-Blanco
Julicia Yvette Saez
Carson Blake Samanka
Delaney Marie Sanders
Janelle Marie Santana
Gavin Myles Simpson
Jarrod Evan Smith
Noah F. Smith
Matthew Joseph Snyder
Trevor Alexander South
Philip Joseph Steuber IV
Marco Svolinsky
Emma Barah Sweet
Jyair William Tenryk
Shawn L. Terrell
Joseph Daniel Tersigni
George Anthony Thomas Jr
Jasmine Thorpe
Richard Jaymes Thors
Emily Josephine Valdes
Christian Anthony Vargas
Alina Celeste Vizza
Andrew Vo
Joseph David Vreeland
Billy Travis Wade
Manahil Wajid
Isaac Walker III
Jalen Warren
Jehlani Warren
Shania Karin Warren
Alexandra Celisse Watson
Tyler Allen Weber
William Zachary West
Erin Amana Whitely-Harvey
Trace M Wolden
Abbie Yale

Graduates going into the Military:

Kyle Florey – United States Army
Alexander Young – United States Coast Guard

The evening ended with a goodbye from Mrs. Hetzler-Nettles, as well as the traditional turning of the tassel.

It is sad to see our Seniors go, but we know amazing things will come from them. There will be an in-person Graduation Ceremony at The Yuengling Center on August 12th, at 7:00 PM, where we hope to have the opportunity of coming together in person as a Coyote Nation one last time for the Class of 2020. This year has brought so many challenges for our Seniors, but they rose to the challenge and handled it with maturity and grace. From your Coyote Family, congratulations Class of 2020! We love you!