Paint your Parking Spot


Natty Northey captures the parking spots from above.

Lauren Stallworth, Editor

On September 19th, Cypress Creek was able to bring back Paint Your Parking Spot Day for our student drivers. A tradition that began our second year open, Paint Your Parking Spot is a day for students to pay to paint their parking spots and leave their mark on our school. Students have free reign to showcase their creativity, as well as have a unique experience to bond with the school. This year saw a variety of designs from memes, favorite restaurants, movies, landscapes, flags, and more. Despite the Florida heat, students arrived bright and early Saturday morning to paint their parking spots. From 9:00-1:00, students were able to paint, listen to music, and see other student’s designs.

This year’s attendance was around 20 spots painted, and students were allowed to bring family and friends (as long as social distancing was maintained). During previous years, the option to paint your parking spot was exclusive to Seniors, but due to such a large portion of our student body being student-drivers for the 2020-2021 school year, it was opened up to Juniors as well. The event was organized by Mrs. Adley and Mr. Copeland, who got to share in the experience with us and were out overseeing us throughout the day. Students signed up online to paint the spot they are assigned to park in each day and depending on when you registered, the price ranged from $30-$40. All funds went to Senior class activities such as prom and graduation, making it an even better experience for Seniors who were able to dually have fun, and benefit their class. For Paint Your Parking Spot, students brought their own paint and supplies and got to be as intricate as they wanted, with most people needing multiple people to help bring their designs to fruition.
During a time where students are seeing mass cancellations of events during the pandemic, it was an exciting opportunity to able to participate in something so anticipated that we were looking forward to. Throughout the day, students and families were working together to get the job done; sharing extra paint, brooms, tapes, and even donuts. The finished products came out amazing, not to mention the good feeling it leaves when you get to do something so personal, and give a little more character to Cypress Creek – even in the parking lot!