Girls Weightlifting


2020-2021 by Gigante

Kaprian Abril, Reporter

Our own Cypress Creek girls’ weightlifting team’s season has recently started. This is exciting, as our team has a lot of potentials and is sure to be successful this year. The team’s season started on October 13th. Since then, the team has had one meet. Their first meet was a success overall. The girl’s weightlifting team had broken 5 school records, and this is only in their very first meet. Their season ends in January, so there is plenty of time for even more records to be broken by these hardworking girls! In the previous season, the team were the district runner ups and placed 5th overall in regionals. How these weightlifting competitions work is there are 2 categories to compete in. These being bench press and clean and jerk. The competitors are weighed in and are put into different weight classes. The goal essentially is to lift the most weight, while weighing the least.
I was given the opportunity to talk to some of the weightlifters on the team. I first interviewed Faith Welling. When asked how she has felt about this season, she responded saying “I feel good about the season because we have a good mix of new girls and older girls who’ve lifted before and we all support each other”. I asked about her personal best and her goal for this season and she said, “My personal best is 115 for clean and jerk and 100 for bench. My goals are 130 and 115”. Lastly, I asked what makes being on this team enjoyable for you? She replied saying that “I enjoy that everyone supports each other, and we all work together and in all three years I’ve done it there has never been bad blood”.
Next, I interviewed another girl on the girls’ weight lifting team, Makayla Pugliese. I first asked, how have you been preparing for your meets? She said, “To prepare for meets I’ve been attending all practices and striving towards higher numbers with every practice”. I then asked, how do you feel about this season? She responded by saying, “I’m confident about this season and I’m proud of how our team has seemed to overcome boundaries and grow throughout the circumstances”. Her personal best for both clean and jerks and bench press is 85 pounds. When asked about her goal for the season, she said “My goal for the season is to lift 100 pounds and improve as much as possible”. Lastly, she commented that “Being on the team is enjoyable for me because of my teammates and my amazing coach”.
Overall, this season is looking promising for the girls’ weightlifting team. They are sure to succeed and continue breaking records. Their hard work and determination will not go unnoticed and will pay off this season when they continue their uphill climb to be the best girls’ weightlifting team in the district.