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Dylan Delay and Kaprian Abril

Yes, it’s true. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers won Super Bowl LV against the Kansas City Chiefs. Finishing the game off with a surprising 31-9, Tampa Bay fans were more than excited to see their home team take the win for the Super Bowl. The last time Tampa made it past the postseason was the 2007-2008 season; and the last time they won the Super Bowl was in the 2002-2003 season against the Oakland Raiders. Much of the Bucs’ current success can be attributed to adding Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski, and Antonio Brown to their roster. Three players are known for their skill in the game and being placed onto a single team was bound to be successful.

The Halftime Show
For the Pepsi Halftime Show, we got the chance to see The Weeknd Perform some of his most popular songs on stage and on the field. His full setlist played went in the order of, “Starboy”, “The Hills”, “Can’t Feel My Face”, “I Feel it Coming”, “Save Your Tears”, “Earned it”, “House of Balloons/Glass Table Girls”, and ended the performance off with “Blinding Lights”; his hit single of 2020 that stayed in the Billboard top 10 for the majority of the year. Taking over 2020 with his junior album, After Hours, it was no surprise to anyone that The Weeknd would be the perfect candidate to perform at an event as big as the Super Bowl. The major difference viewers saw on game night, however, was there was no one allowed on the field to watch the game up close; everyone had to stay in their seat. Despite the differences, The Weeknd put on an entertaining performance for the millions of viewers across the country.

The Streaker
A funny moment during the game that not many expected was when 31-year-old Yuri Andrade, a Boca Raton resident, ran onto the field and stole the show as a publicity stunt. Rocking a pink thong and a pair of shorts, the “Super Bowl Streaker” made his way through most of the field before being tackled and apprehended. Many would have thought that this would be the entire story and it was just about a man wanting to gain attention on national television; however, it turns out that Andrade made a lot of money off this stunt. Reports revealed that the “Super Bowl Streaker,” placed down $50k, betting that someone would try to streak at the Super Bowl. Reports show Andrade supposedly made $375k in returns from the bet. Of course, Andrade was seized before he made it to the end zone, was arrested and charged with trespassing with a bail set at $500. But in the end, I think Andrade came out on top, earning both $375k and national recognition.

Play by Play
The game started off with the Bucs receiving the ball after losing the coin toss. The Bucs got off to a slow start, working down quickly to a 4th down, leading to a punt return. Now, it was time for Mahomes to get his first offensive opportunity in Super Bowl LV. With 12:48 on the clock, Mahomes was able to run on 3rd and 7 and gain a first down and an extra 3 yards. The Bucs defense started out strong, holding the Chiefs to 4th down after pressuring Mahomes on 3rd and 8, forcing him to throw a poor pass and leading to the Bucs receiving a punt return. With 11:21 left in the quarter, the Bucs were able to pick up another 1st down after an impressive 13-yard run made by Ronald Jones II. The Bucs were not able to gain any yardage after this play. Brady was sacked on 3rd down by Frank Clark, meaning another punt return for Chief’s possession. The Chiefs’ offense was met with lots of pressure by the Bucs defense, forcing Mahomes to throw a long pass to Tyreek Hill in the endzone on 3rd and 11. The ball went through Hill’s hands, hitting his face mask, a missed opportunity for the Chiefs. With 5:14 left in the quarter, the Chiefs put up 3 points on the board with a 49-yard field goal. 3:14 left, Bashaun Breeland, of the Chiefs is called for holding on Mike Evans, giving the Bucs a 1st down at the 45-yard line. The next play, on first down, Brady throws and finds Antonio Brown for a gain of 16. After the Bucs continued to make their way down the field, with 37 seconds left, Brady connects a short pass with Gronkowski, who finds the end zone after a 5-yard run. Bucs end the quarter up, 7-3.
The second quarter started off with Buc’s possession at the 30-yard line, after a short 27-yard punt by the Chiefs punter. With 13:05 on the clock, Brady fires, connecting with Evans for a massive 31-yard gain. 11:47 left in the quarter, Brady attempts to find Joe Haeg in the endzone, but it’s broken up by the Chiefs defense. With 10:56 left, the Bucs went for 4th and goal, but are held short by the Chiefs defense. The Bucs challenged the call but ended up losing the challenge, therefore losing their second timeout. The ball was then turned over to the Chiefs, at the one-yard line. 10:50 left in the quarter, Mahomes finds Hill, who makes a 14-yard run for a Chiefs first down. With 9:24 on the clock, Mahomes finds Kelce, on 3rd and 8 for a first down, but Kelce drops it, leading to another Chiefs punt. The punter messed up the punt, only kicking the ball 29-yards, allowing the Bucs to start at the 38-yard line. 7:56 left, Brady throws to Fournette, but it’s tipped off his hands and is picked off by Mathieu. The interception was dismissed though, as a penalty was called on the play before the pass was thrown, which was holding by Charvarius Ward on the Chiefs defense. The Bucs are then held to 4th down, scoring a field goal. Surprisingly, another penalty was called on the Chiefs defense, Antonio Hamilton was called for lining up in the neutral zone, giving the Bucs another 1st down at the 17-yard line. 6:11 on the clock, Brady finds Gronkowski in the endzone, on 1st and 10, extending the Buc’s lead. With 1:12 left in the quarter, on 3rd and 6, Buc’s defense pressure Mahomes heavily, forcing him to throw the ball out to the side. On 4th down, with 1:04 on the clock, Chiefs complete a field goal attempt from 34-yards out, putting 3 more points up on the board for the Chiefs. The Bucs then return the punt with 55 seconds to find another scoring opportunity. The Bucs worked the ball down to the 42-yard line. With 44 seconds left, on 3rd and 2, Breeland is called for pass interference on Evans, giving the Bucs a 1st down at the 24-yard line. 18 seconds left, Brady hits Fournette for a first down and a gain of 15-yards. In the last 10 seconds, Brady finds Antonio Brown in the end-zone, closing out the half 21-6.
Onto the third quarter, the Chiefs start with returning the punt return, starting at the 19-yard line. The Chief’s offense got off to a good start, making a 26-yard run on 1st and 10. With 11:31 on the clock, the Chiefs fail to score a touchdown and kick a field goal from 52-yards out, raising the score to 21-9. The Bucs then receive the punt return to the 26-yard line. On 3rd and 4, Brady finds Fournette again, who gains 14-yards, getting the Bucs another 1st down. 7:51 left in the quarter, Brady hands off to Fournette, who runs for 27-yards and picks up another Bucs touchdown. With 7:11 on the clock, Shaq Barrett made an impressive sack of Mahomes, on 2nd and 7 for a loss of 6 yards. 6:30 left in the quarter, Mahomes throws the ball long to Hill, but it is hit in the air by Mike Edwards, falling into the hands of Antoine Winfield Jr., for the interception. Bucs gained possession but were unable to score a touchdown, as a result of the defensive efforts by the Chiefs. The Bucs settle for a field goal attempt from 52-yards out by Ryan Succop, who scores and puts the Bucs up by another 3 points. With 1:13 left in the quarter, Mahomes connects with Hill, for a 21-yard gain. With only 34 seconds left in the quarter, Mahomes completes a pass to Watkins for a gain of 13-yards. The quarter then closed with the Bucs up 31-9.
The final quarter started with Chief’s possession, from the 29-yard line. On 2nd and 10, Mahomes hits Kelce, for a big gain of 17-yards. With 13:56 left in the game, Mahomes is forced to scramble back and as he is being taken down, he manages to get an impressive deep throw off to Pringle in the corner. The catch attempt was unsuccessful, leading to a Chiefs 4th down. On 4th and 9, the Chiefs go for a fourth-down conversion, with Mahomes again scrambling back and weaving around to get another impressive pass as he was falling to Wiliams. The ball hit Williams in the face mask, leading him to drop the ball, another frustrating missed opportunity for the Chiefs. Possession then goes to the Bucs at the 11-yard line. Jones carries the ball on second down for 8 yards, gaining a Bucs 1st down. Jones proceeds to make another 8-yard run and a 4-yard run to pick up another 1st down. The Bucs then are held to a 4th down, resulting in a punt return to the Chiefs. With 8:06 left in the game, Mahomes connects a pass to Kelce, for a gain of 33-yards. Mahomes is then sacked by the Bucs defense on 1st and 10 with 7:44 left. Mahomes gets sacked again on 2nd and 20 with less than 5 minutes left in the game. On 2nd and 6 with 1:40 left, Mahomes throws and is picked off in the endzone for a Bucs interception. The Bucs then took possession and ran the clock out. The Bucs finished the game with a big lead over the Chiefs, winning the Super Bowl 31-9.
Overall, Super Bowl LV was a huge win for Tampa Bay, and having grown up in Tampa, it’s great to see our home team take home the win. Bucs fans wasted no time and gathered in Downtown Tampa to celebrate. Videos have already gone viral of residents taking over entire streets and intersections. One clip even showed a Chiefs fan taking off his jersey and throwing it to the ground as Bucs fans stomped it in the street. Congratulations to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for their win against the Kansas City Chiefs 31-9. This is not only a win for the Bucs but a win for all of Tampa Bay.




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