Valentine’s Day Activities


Jessica Clark, Reporter

Valentine’s Day Activities

It’s almost that time again, the time to show appreciation for your significant other, friends, or family. You might be struggling with an idea of what to do or even getting something for someone you love. So here are some ideas on what to do on a budget.

If you are struggling for something low budget to do this Valentine’s Day, I’ve got some suggestions for you. On the lowest end of the financial spectrum (under $20), you can go on a picnic. Find a cute area to get your favorite snacks or make them. Do not forget the blanket. This is such a cute date, and it will not break the bank. Also, for under $20, if you do not want to go out because of crowds or Covid, you can pick up a few things from the grocery store and make dinner together. This is a cute idea where you get to work together and then eat what you made. You can also do a movie marathon and watch movies you have wanted to watch and have not gotten to yet. If your significant other likes to be active you can go roller-skating, bowling, hiking, etc. Lastly if your significant other is outdoorsy you can go on a hike, stargaze, picnic, build a campfire and make smores, or take them to the beach. Now if you have a bigger budget of $50 dollars or more, you and your significant other can go to a restaurant. If they like to paint you can get canvases and paint. Then paint each other pictures- it’s a gift and a cute date. Also, if your significant other loves Squishmallows go Squishmallow hunting, they probably have one they really want considering they just released new Easter ones.

Now for your friends: for this idea, you are going to need a car. You play rock paper scissors and whoever wins gets to pick where you eat for one of the 4 options for food. You start out with the drinks, then the appetizer, next to the main course, and lastly dessert. If you do not have a car you can get dropped off at a friend’s house or have friends come over. You can make dinner or order food. Then watch a show or movie if you would like to add a board game. This is a fun simple idea you can do with however many people you would want. Also, you can go to the mall this is always fun. Make valentine’s day fun not a day that you hate. Appreciate the friends in your life.

If you want to spend valentine’s day alone that is cool too. Here are some ideas, if you are upset about valentine’s day, I would not recommend watching romantic movies. Watch a movie that is more of a comedy to lighten the mood. Maybe order some food and just relax. If you are into playing video games, you can do that.

Another big part of Valentine’s day is giving gifts. You can give gifts to your significant other, friends, or even treat yourself. First up is gifts for your significant other. You can keep it simple or go extravagant, some more simple gifts that people enjoy are chocolate heart boxes, candy, flowers, cards, stuff animals, snacks, jewelry. Make sure you know what they like or ask their friends. Next for some more expensive gifts, you can get a Spotify specialized song key chain if you two have a favorite song together. You can get them customized candles. If you want to make gifts you can make a box with pictures in it and fill it with their favorite things. If you are a good artist, you can draw them or paint them something.

Now here are some gifts you can get your friends for Valentine’s Day: you can get them their favorite candy, flowers, blankets, jewelry, stuff animals, makeup, skincare. Most people like to talk about what they want. Pay close attention to what they said they want.

Lastly, you should always treat yourself. So, go get yourself something for Valentine’s Day. Anything you want food, candy, flowers, or something you have had your eye on. Treat yourself you deserve it.

Valentine’s Day can be stressful. So, I hope this guide helped you with a date idea or gift idea.