The Release of the VelociCoaster

Amelia Sibbio, Reporter

Recently Universal Studios has been prepping to open its new attraction called Jurassic world VelociCoaster. This coaster is located in the Jurassic Park-themed land in Islands of Adventure. This ride and the area is based on the movie franchise Jurassic World and brings the characters to life.

This attraction has brought a lot of hype to the park itself. Due to the fact of it being a new and creative ride. The last ride that was created was the Borne Stuntacular ride at the beginning of 2020. Due to the pandemic, many weren’t able to enjoy this ride because the parks were closed. As of 2021, the parks began to reopen. And the VelociCoaster could potentially bring in a lot of people. The ride itself could potentially increase the hype around the movie franchise because a new Jurassic World movie is coming out in 2022.

This new roller coasters 155-foot top hat tower will send riders straight down at an 80-degree angle. It has two heels overhead inversions. The first flip will be a 360-degree barrel above the park’s lagoon. The second flip is called “zero gravity inverted stall” which will send passengers upside down and leave them dangling. This coaster will be the fastest ride at Universal Studios at 70mph. It has been a long journey to construct this ride due to the pandemic slowing it down.

It has been said that the VelociCoaster is the largest, and tallest ride in the state of Florida. This is appealing to a lot of people because it causes a thrill sensation and adrenaline rush. This attraction has recently been a hot topic on Twitter. Due to people being excited as we quickly approach the opening date of the ride.

You can expect to enjoy this ride in June of 2021. However, there are still Covid 19 guidelines that have to be followed. such as wearing a face mask, social distancing, and temperature checks. I will be looking forward to riding this ride this summer.