Should I watch Euphoria?

Should I watch Euphoria?

Jordyn Taalib-Din

If you haven’t heard about the hit show Euphoria you’ve probably been living under a rock, as the show has had lots of exposure along with different internet trends inspired by it. There has been a lot of talk about the show and while most of the coverage over it has been positive, I wanted to gather the opinions of the people at my school to determine whether I should watch it or not. 

“It’s so good but it’s so explicit… they show everything.” This tip came from a student who wanted to stay anonymous because she feared her parents finding out she was watching the show. From what I’ve heard and seen about the show online it definitely is explicit as it highlights things like drug abuse, sex, domestic violence, and other mature topics. Despite the maturity rating she still said that it was worth the watch 

Another student I spoke to, Amaiya, told me that the show is “really good” and “there’s always things going on in the show,” saying it’s “entertaining.” She recommended that I watch it.  

I interviewed a friend of mine from another school, and she said something similar along these lines. “There’s always something going on, you never get bored.” She mentioned that the show is relatable to her.  

Earlier, we established that the show has inappropriate and explicit things within it, but one of the people I interviewed mentioned how she relates to it. Euphoria is set in a high school, and although all the drugs, parties, and sex introduced in Euphoria may not be accurate to the average high school students experience, some people may relate to some of the darker subjects presented in the show 

The show also addresses mental health issues and how the characters are affected by them. “In one of Jules episodes she talks about her mental health problems” according to Jerrielys, another person I interviewed. Not only does it address mental health aspects that people can relate to, but it also has trans representation as one of the main characters, Jules, is trans.  

The last person I asked chose to stay anonymous, but she mentioned that she agrees with the fact that the show is explicit and inappropriate. I asked her if she thinks the show encourages this raunchy behavior and bad decision making, and she said that “Euphoria shows the consequences that come with making bad decisions instead of promoting bad decisions.” Basically, it’s teaching the viewers of the negative repercussions that come with doing bad things.  

To sum it up, Euphoria will be a show that I plan on watching eventually because of all the positive recommendations and feedback I got from the people I interviewed. The show seems interesting and despite the recent controversy the show may have around it, Euphoria still has a huge and loyal fanbase.  

As a warning, it should be known that Euphoria covers very mature topics such as addiction, sexual situations, various forms of abuse and is only a dramatization of the “typical high school experience”.