My Perspective

My Perspective

November 5, 2019

I Promise.

Hannah Farias, Reporter

March 6, 2019

o·ver·dose noun /ˈōvərˌdōs/ an excessive and dangerous dose of a drug.   life noun /līf/   the condition that distinguishes animals and plants from inorganic matter, including the c...


Jacob Blauvelt, Reporter

March 4, 2019

92 Days. To some, this may just seem like any other number, but for many here at Cypress Creek this two-digit number means opportunity and freedom. This number signifies how many days until the class of 2019 steps away from high...

Should Students Get a Job in High School?

Jacob Blauvelt, Reporter

February 5, 2019

There are many reasons for a teen in high school to get a job. Some teens get jobs to save up for college or fund their own personal expenses. Others work as a major source of their family’s income. Many others try to get a...

Why We Feel Nostalgia

Why We Feel Nostalgia

November 15, 2018

A Pack Leader is...

A Pack Leader is…

November 14, 2018

If You Drop It Should You Eat It?

Jacob Blauvelt, Reporter

October 29, 2018

So, here I am: walking out of the diner with a fresh slice of mozzarella pizza, the aroma causing my mouth to water. I can tell how the cheese is going to taste just from the scent. Sadly, I will never know how this masterpiece...

District Quarterlies: The Effects On Schools

Lauren Stallworth, Editor

October 19, 2018

As a student, the week of district quarterlies is a stressful one. Not only are they given the last week of the quarter, (which is a students’ busiest and most crucial time), but they are an emotionally draining experience....

Is Your Blue the Same as My Blue?

Jacob Blauvelt, Reporter

September 25, 2018

The sky appears blue, grass appears green, and a lemon appears yellow. This does not change the fact that color is an illusion. Color as we know it does not exist in the outside world beyond us as gravity and atoms do. Instead,...

My Experience With Emotional Abuse

September 21, 2018

If the wounds in their hearts, and the bruises on their souls, and the burdens they all carry, if they were all to show up as battle scars on their flesh, you wouldn’t be able to recognize their mutilated faces. You’...

A Promise of Something Much More Worse

Manahil Wajid, Reporter

July 14, 2018

I close my eyes, letting the darkness swallow me whole. It leaves me with angst that no one can console. The shadows lurking around leave me trembling in fear, Suddenly, the sheer darkness and arrant silence becomes too much...

Where can we find our safe haven?

Manahil Wajid, Reporter

April 27, 2018

The haunting melody Of the blood-curdling screams of these children Who are running for their lives echo in my ears. Those bloodshot eyes, That watch their friends Drift faraway from the light of life. Resurface in my d...

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